We work on tables, chairs, beds, dressers, lamps, mirrors, desks, trunks,
china cabinets, buffets - all kinds of furniture, of all ages, used in the
home or workplace. 

Our mission is to restore your furniture to the state you think it should be
in, at a fair price, within a reasonable time frame, and to ensure you are
satisfied with the work. 

We will carefully evaluate each piece, in terms of necessary treatments, and
discuss the project with you in detail, explaining what should be done to
bring the item back to the condition you want it to be, options for
alternatives, and the cost. If you decide to go forward, we will keep you
informed along the way, should we encounter damage or problems we could not
see in the initial inspection. We will not perform additional work without
your approval. We will also advise you if we believe the cost of the project
will exceed the value of an item. That's not to say we won't perform the work
if asked, nonetheless, but we will be up front about keeping you informed. 

I spent 10 years working full and part-time in a stripping and refinishing
business in the Albany, NY area. During this time I have established my my own restoration business, which now operates out of a 1200 square foot shop. I have done work for clients in New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, North Carolina, and Ontario. 
Please feel free to contact me by email or phone and we'll talk about your restoration project.

Kingsley Greene
Hannacroix, New York


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